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Preserve History and Heritage

Membership in our organization is open to those of all ages. We would love for all of our members to be continually active in our organization but the level of involvement is entirely up to you. All of our events are staffed by members and friends of the club. We dedicate our time and efforts as stewards of the farming heritage and rural lifestyle that led us to our current state. Being a member allows each individual to be involved in whatever aspects of our club interest you. Whether it be gasoline or diesel tractors, traction steam power, small engines, implements, or rural life just to name a few.

To become a member just ask one! Our membership annual dues are a mere $7 and it only takes some basic information and you're done. If you would like to become a member but have not yet been to one of our events visit the Contact Us page and send one of the officers an email or a quick phone call and we would be glad to help get you involved in our wonderful organization.

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